Experienced Adviser Policy

Access to LMS as an Experienced Adviser

When you request an account for MATRICS Learn LMS,  previous learning will be checked on Wiseradviser to categorise your status – New Adviser or Experienced Adviser.

Previous training

Local Authorities, Housing Association’s and other 3rd sector advisers should have completed the following learning on Wiseradviser, CAB advisers, should evidence completion of APT Debt 1, 2 and 3.

Wiseradviser courses:

·        Introduction to Debt Advice

·       Good Practice: Providing High Quality Debt Advice

·       Negotiating and Communication Skill

·       Debt Options for Scottish Debtors

·       Tailoring Advice

·       Insolvency Options

·       Debt Arrangement Scheme

APT Debt 1, 2 and 3:

·        Interview skills 1: the interview process

·       diagnosing debt advice issues

·       debt advice options and action

If you haven’t completed all of the courses on Wiseradviser or the APT 1, 2 and 3 you will be categorised as a New Adviser and will follow the learning pathway detailed below.

If you have completed all of the courses listed or have evidenced completion of APT 1, 2 and 3 you will be categorised as an Experienced Adviser and will be able to move around the levels according to your needs.

Access to face-to-face

To request access to face-to-face courses, you should have completed all elearning on that course page.

Learning Pathway Levels 1 and 2

Level 1

Debt advice: an outline e-learning:

Professional Debt Advice

The Debt Advice System

Key Stakeholder Terminology and Tools

Level 1 F2F:

Debt advice an outline

Level 2

Topic 1 Key Skills e-learning:

Interviewing skills

Negotiation skills

Letter writing skills

Level 2 Topic 1 F2F:

Communication skills

Level 2 Topic 2 The 6 stages of debt process e-learning:

Stage 1. Find out the whole situation

Stage 2. Manage emergencies

Stage 3. Check liabilities

Stage 4. Listing creditors and priority and non-priority debts

Stage 5. Create the initial Common Financial Statement

Stage 6. Maximise income and reduce expenditure

Level 2 Topic 2 F2F:

The 6 stages of the debt advice process - Part 1

The 6 stages of the debt advice process - Part 2

The 6 stages of the debt advice process - Part 3

Level 2 Topic 3 Introduction to debt advice admin e-learning:

Budgeting and financial capability  

How to make appropriate signposting and referrals

Effective case management and case recording

Level 2 Topic 4 Introduction to debt recovery process e-learning:

Debt letters and Defaults

Identifying different court processes

Summary Warrant

Introduction to diligence

Statutory Moratorium on diligence

Debt recovery process outside court

Sequestration - an overview

Debt Arrangement Scheme an overview

Completion of all activities in Level 1 and 2 gives access to Level 3 as an Experienced Adviser.  Level  3 can be completed in any order, but e-learning is mandatory before applying for F2F

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